Prague Forum for Romani Histories

Romani History Workshop 2021

The Romani History Workshop hosts online in-depth discussions of pre-circulated unpublished texts, such as thesis chapters, draft papers, and book chapters. Our goal is to bring together specialists in Romani history and scholars in related historiographical fields to provide collective feedback to historiographical works-in-progress in an engaged, constructively critical, and supportive environment.

The workshop is organized by Renata Berkyová from Prague Forum for Romani Histories and Théophile Leroy, and Vita Zalar, PhD students from Paris, and Ljubljana.
If you wish to submit a paper for one of the upcoming workshop sessions or have any other questions, you can reach us at,, or

Contributions by PhD students and early-career scholars are especially welcome.

Reckoning with the Romani and Jewish Holocaust in Europe, 1979 to today

19 May 2021 - 5 PM

Author: Ari Joskowicz (Vanderbilt University) Discussant: Ljiljana Radonić (Austrian Academy of Sciences) In the first session of the Romani History Workshop, the participants will read and discuss a pre-circulated paper...


‘We weren’t nomadic gypsies but old settlers!’ Belonging and mobility of the Roma in eastern Slovakia

30 June 2021 - 5 PM

Romani History Workshop 30 June 2021 at 5 PM Author: Jan Ort (Faculty of Arts, Charles University): Discussant: Pavel Baloun (Faculty of Humanities, Charles University) Taking a microhistorical approach, the article...


„Persecution of the Tulcean Roma, 1927–1947: An Ethnography of Violence“

25 November 2021 - 6 PM

Romani History Workshop

25 November 2021 at 6 PM (CET)

Grégoire Cousin (University of Verona, Italy) with the draft article "Persecution of the Tulcean Roma, 1927–1947: An Ethnography of Violence" Discussant: Petre...


Inside the Churches: The Gitanos and the Right of Asylum in the Seventeenth-Century Habsburg Spain

15 December 2021 - 5 PM

Romani History Workshop 15 December 2021 at 5 PM (CET) Author: Maria Gloria Tumminelli, University of Pavia, Discussant: Massimo Aresu, University of Leeds,



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