Prague Forum for Romani Histories

Public Discussion: The Legacy of Genocide, 20 September 2017, Václav Havel Library in Prague

On 20th September 2017 an exhibition about Sinti families in Central Germany (curators: Eve Rosenhaft, University of Liverpool and Jana Müller, Alternatives Jugendzentrum in Dessau) was opened at the Václav Havel Library, followed by a unique discussion between Sinti and Roma from Germany and the Czech Republic about coming to terms with the experience of the genocide of Roma and Sinti.

Invited speakers were: Zdeněk Daniel (Jablonec nad Nisou), Jan Hauer (Beroun), Mario Franz (Bad Iburg), Hermann and Else Höllenreiner (Mettenheim), Jiřina Somsiová (Olomouc). The discussion was chaired by: Jana Horváthová (Museum of Romani Culture, Brno) and Jana Müller (Alternatives Jugendzentrum, Dessau).

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