Prague Forum for Romani Histories

Public Discussion: Forced Sterilization of Romani Women, 12 June 2018, Václav Havel Library in Prague

Event organized by the Prague Forum for Romani Histories at the Institute of Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences in cooperation with Seminar of Romani Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University A public discussion with participants in the academic workshop focused on analysing the reasoning behind the forced sterilization of Roma in the Czech(oslovak) Republic in the context of eugenics and the welfare state. Invited guests include researchers focusing on the forced sterilization of Roma in Communist Czechoslovakia as well as on sterilization practices in the Scandinavian context where forced sterilization was used as an official tool of the welfare state up to the 1970s. Another important topic of the roundtable will be the compensation of the victims – , and we have therefore invited members of advocacy groups and representatives of the victims to participate as well. Participants of the discussion: Gwendolyn Albert, Celia Donert, Elena Gorolová, Angéla Kóczé and Jan Grill (moderator) Many thanks to the donors who enabled this event: ,,Global Conflicts, Local Interactions“ programme of Strategy 21 AV, Czech Academy of Sciences, The U. S. Embassy in the Czech Republic, The Isabel and Alfred Bader Fund. The production of the subtitles for this video was made possible thanks to the financial support from the University of Liverpool. We would like to thank Dr. Celia Donert for enabling this sponsorship.

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