Prague Forum for Romani Histories

Reckoning with the Romani and Jewish Holocaust in Europe, 1979 to today


Author: Ari Joskowicz (Vanderbilt University)
Discussant: Ljiljana Radonić (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

In the first session of the Romani History Seminar, the participants will read and discuss a pre-circulated paper by Ari Joskowicz. The paper is the seventh and final chapter of the book manuscript “Jews and Roma in the Shadow of Genocide.” The larger project traces the entanglement of Jewish and Romani history in the twentieth and early twenty-first century, from detention and murder sites in Hitler’s Europe to the postwar creation of archives, debates over compensation, and contemporary Holocaust memorials.

All registered participants will receive the draft chapter through email one week before the workshop. The event will begin with a short 10-minute presentation by Ari Joskowicz, followed by an in-depth discussion of the pre-circulated paper with the author, the invited discussant, Ljiljana Radonić, and all the participants of the workshop. Duration: 90 minutes.

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