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The present project aims to broaden the discourse on the Holocaust of Roma and Sinti beyond the memories of their wartime persecution to the efforts of Roma for the recognition of the Roma Holocaust itself in the Czech Republic. The aim is to capture the memories of the descendants of survivors who have tried to keep the memory of the victims in family and public memory while facing the reluctance of their surroundings to acknowledge the racial persecution of the Roma. Documenting the active approach of individual Roma – and their different perceptions – will allow us to break down a certain stereotypical view of Roma as passive victims or a group that (supposedly) does not care about its history.
The output of the project is several recorded and processed interviews with representatives of the so-called second generation of survivors, i.e. with descendants of Roma and Sinti survivors. The interviews will also contain notes and explanatory historical context.

The project is supported by Bader Philanthropies.


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