Prague Forum for Romani Histories

Kateřina Čapková: „You Ask why I was in a Labor Camp“: Czechoslovak Jews and Roma Demand Recognition of Their Wartime Suffering

23 March 2023, Wien Museum

About Location / Accom.

Wien Museum MUSA 1010 Wien, Felderstraße 6–8
from 6:30pm
Simon Wiesenthal Lecture

Although World War II affected the lives of all inhabitants of the Bohemian lands (today‘s Czech Republic) and Slovakia, only two communities – Jews and Roma – experienced genocide during the war, with entire families perishing and most of their members being sent to concentration or labor camps. When members of these two communities tried to seek recognition of their suffering after the war, they encountered many obstacles. Based on the analysis of concrete individual claims, the presentation will discuss similarities and differences in the recognition of the wartime suffering of the two communities.

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