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Romano džaniben 2018


The thematic issue of Romano džaniben 2018 (1) presents texts by contemporary Czech scholars on the history of Roma in the Czech lands in the first half of the 20th century (Jiří Smlsal, Lada Viková, Milada Závodská). Each author deals with the current challenges of Romani Studies historical research – such as the necessity to open up the history of the Roma as a minority history, a focus on co-agency and on sources of Romani origin, and questions inspired by postcolonial studies and the critical turn in Romani studies leading to a new reconsideration of academic research on the history of historically/socially marginalised groups and to the social responsibility of researchers working in this field of symbolic and power hierarchies. The core topic of the non-reviewed section (resonating throughout the issue) is the history of a family who survived the holocaust of Moravian Roma. The Daniel family history is presented in an interview with Mr. Zdeněk Daniel (born in 1929 in Oslavany) and his son, who is an architect and artist. The issue also contains information on current documenting, researching and popularisation projects and platforms on the history of Roma in Czechoslovakia and some of their findings. Helena Sadílková’s editorial can be downloaded here, individual articles are available at

All texts are in Czech.

Romano džaniben 2018

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